Our Team

Mark Marshall -  Broker & Managing Member
Mark is a family man, been married 36 years and is a father of two, a son, Andy and daughter, Candy, and a grandpa to five precious grandchildren. 

Mark has been in the agriculture business since he was 16 years old, starting out in a small town elevator in Markle, Indiana.   From shoveling and cleaning bins, Mark has learned the business inside and out.  Mark also has over 25 years experience as a Grain Merchandiser.  It was his dream to own a semi truck and hopper trailer.  Mark now has six trucks and we also broker many more.  Marshall Grain Transport’s primary goal is to treat our customers in the best possible way and fulfill their transportation needs. Our truckers are also a priority as they have entrusted their livelihood to us.  

Mark can be reached at mark@marshallgraintransport.com or via telephone at 260-827-8853

Cindy Marshall -  Office Manager – Member
Cindy is very involved in her family with five Grandchildren and two kids and her Church.   She is also very involved in Marshall Grain Transport and Marshall Freight Logistics.  She handles all bookkeeping aspects of both businesses and others.   She has worked in bookkeeping for 38 years, in many different fields and has experience in the agriculture and trucking side of the bookkeeping.  She offers many options for bookkeeping in the trucking business. 

Cindy can be reached at cindy@marshallgraintransport.com or via telephone at 260-704-1757

Andy Marshall -  Financial Advisor – Member
Andy is married with 2 children.  Andy has 10+ years experience in the banking and financial business.  He is mainly in the background of our company but plays an integral role.

Andy can be reached at andy@marshallgraintransport.com